Our Services


Goldstar provide fully trained SIA licensed guards to deter against any unauthorised access, theft of property, and criminal damage.

Security guards act as a visual deterrent protecting property, assets and people.

Our experience in the security industry allows us to offer you a tailor-made solution that meets your requirements at a cost-effective price.

The benefits of having on site security guards at your site/premises include:

  • A physical presence around the clock
  • Preventing unauthorised access, theft, or criminal damage
  • Staff, visitors, and any other persons attending the site feel secure
  • A rapid response to any problem or emergency
  • Monitoring of CCTV cameras
  • Identifying any health and safety issues or problems
  • Help assist with day to day management of your site


Golstar can provide a mobile patrol service where a continuous presence is not required. These visits, which are at random times so there is no routine pattern, are usually carried out through the night and at weekends.

These patrols can assist with preventing criminal activity at your site.

During our patrols we will check buildings, doors, windows, etc., and look out for any suspicious activity.

Mobile Patrol is particularly useful in isolated locations such as:

  • Vacant properties
  • Building sites
  • Warehouses


Goldstar offer a 24-hour key holding service operating 365 days a year.

We offer a professional service whenever and wherever an alarm is activated day or night whether false or not.

We will check buildings, reset alarms, and ensure your premises are secure.

We will ensure that your property is secure whilst you are away or if the alarm is activated out of hours.

The main benefits of using a key holding service include:

  • A rapid response to any alarm activation
  • Your keys are permanently secure on site
  • You will only be called out if we cannot deal with the situation